Interior/Exterior Insect and Spider Control

Our Monthly Maintenance programs for control of all Insects, wood destroying organisms, and Spiders in commercial and residential structures are available year round. East End Pest Management also offers monitoring programs that utilize tamper resistant baiting stations for control of Sweet Feeding Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Termites.

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Interior/Exterior Rodent Control

Rodent programs, both interior and exterior, vary based upon the needs of the customer and are available year round.

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Monthly Tick Control Programs

Monthly spray programs for control of Ticks on your property are available March through November. Organic (25B) products available. Family oriented reliable service. Safety First. *TREE SPRAYS for Gypsy Moth, Shoot tip and Winter Moth caterpillar larvae, Canker worm and Inch Worm are available and typically needed during spring and summer months.

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Termite Baiting Systems & Complete Treatment

East End Pest Management offers a number of control options for all wood destroying organism pests. Traditional treatments and monthly monitor systems are available to protect your home from structural damage year round.

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Wasp & Hornet Removal

Pricing on Wasp and Hornet removal services vary depending on size of nest, location of nest, and difficulty to treat. Usually treatments for wasp and hornet are made upon occurrence, during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months of the year.

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Additional Pest Control Services

  • Bed Bug Treatment
  • Mole Control
  • Advice

For more information please call us 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday. Prices on services vary according to size and are subject to change.