Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our frequently asked questions:

How long after a Tick Spray can my family and pets use our yard?

The Astro product label calls for 1 hour dry time for re-entry. At this time the only way to absorb the chemical is to ingest what the product has adhered to (sticks, grass, leaves, ect.)

Is my family or pets at risk inhaling gasses or vapors from our Tick Control application after it is done?

No. Immediately following a Tick Spray application all material will settle and there will be nothing in the air. However the product requires 1 hour dry time before re-entry.

Are there any Organic products offered through East End Pest Management for Tick Control?

Yes, we do offer organic products for Tick Control please call for details.

Where can I get product information for chemicals used in my services?

Product labels and information are available on this website on the products and labels page. We will also furnish you with any product label you need at your request.

Are all employees of East End Pest Management educated or licensed to apply pesticides?

Yes, East End Pest Management will only allow employees with at minimum, a Techinician status I.D. to apply pesticides on your property.

What is Astro?

Astro is product composed primarily of Permethrin. Permethrin derived from Chrysanthimum flowers is a very effective tool against Ticks. While being very toxic to Insects , and other cold blood system organisms, it is less harmful to mammals making it an ideal choice in the fight against lyme disease and other Tick born illness.

Do only Deer carry Ticks?

No. Deer do carry Ticks along with Birds, Mice, Squirrels, Racoons, Cats and Dogs, etc.

When is it recommended I should start my Tick control program this year?

We recommend you start in April when local Tick species are at thier reproductive height and juveniles are more suscptable to our treatments.

How long has East End Pest Management been in business?

East End Pest Management was established in 2005. We serve the East End of Long Island providing Tick control and all phases of pest control to commercial and residential structures.

Who makes Suspend?

Suspend is made by Bayer the makers of Aspirin and other well known products. It is labeled as suitable for use indoors with children and pets. This of course is only the case when applied as directed by the label by a professional.