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Interior/Exterior Rodent control

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Interior/Exterior Rodent Control 

Interior / Exterior Rodent control programs vary based upon the needs of the customer and are available year round. Rodents are the number one invader pest in the country. They multiply very quickly and a major infestation can be all but inevitable if allowed. Mice carry diseases which are harmful to humans and have been linked to house fires. Our knowledgeable staff and top quality products will be the answer to an unwanted rodent population. Our methods for removing interior rodent infestations and keeping them gone have proven very effective. Organized monthly maintenance programs are available, affordable and recommended. Vole and rodent programs for control of exterior rodent populations are available year round as well. Tamper resistant bait stations are strategically placed around the exterior of your home. Vole and rodent programs will control the number of rodents around your property reducing the risk of entry into your home and protecting ornamental bushes , and trees as well.  A vole and rodent program may be considered as the next step after the removal of an interior infestation, or as a maintenance program to prevent it all together. Please call today for more information..

Mole Trapping and Removal Services

Moles are an indegenious species of Mammal often confused with rodents. They can create alot of damage to the turf areas of your property. The signature dirt mounds, tunneling, and uprooted yellowing grass are all typical when a mole has found residence at your residence. Moles eat three times their own body weight each day. This can cause them to move around ALOT in search of food, giving the impression that there are many moles when there may be in fact one, or a small group. At East End Pest Management we provide effective mole control in one month baiting cycles and also as an organized discounted monthly monitor program. Please call for details.